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Creative & Design Director, experience Carpenter

Jeft ding

Since the age of 17, he has been in the custom-made furniture industry with his father. Since then, he has had a strong and unique idea of ​​the interior industry. Graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design from Malaysia Institute of Arts and started pursuing his career as an Interior Designer & Carpenter at the age of 21. 

Construction manager & Master carpenter


Engaged in building construction and furniture industry for more than 25 years, experience in various fields related. There are extreme requirements in the supervision of various projects,he is also the main person in charged of construction always pursuit of quality first, strict control of each production process.


Our Story

SIN INTERIOR DESIGN (KUALA LUMPUR, KL, Malaysia) has been start construction career 5 years from 1987. After 5 years time, SIN INTERIOR DESIGN (KUALA LUMPUR, KL, Malaysia) has transform their business into Design funiture and construction in 1992, main role of company not only in construction and included design as it start. The establisment of the funiture factory in 2002 has accumulated 15 year. In last year which is 2016, a subsidiary company named SIN INTERIOR DESIGN (KUALA LUMPUR, KL, Malaysia) was established.

SIN公司在1987年从事建筑工程已有5年时间, 在1992年成立了Sin Design Furniture & Construction 10年 ( 马来西亚 ),2002年成立家私工厂至今已累计了15年 2016年便成立子公司SIN室内工作室 (柔佛新山) 马来西亚.

In the interior design, we focus on the interior design concept “Design Your Space, Create Your Life”, is to reflect the interior space to the customer’s attitude towards life. SIN INTERIOR DESIGN (KUALA LUMPUR, KL, Malaysia) also attaches great importance to the attractiveness, function and quality of interior design aesthetics. This is 30 years proof of Sin interior design, Sin interior design is also willing to listen to the customer’s story, requirements, vision, dreams and attitudes.

Among the hustle and bustle of the city, SIN INTERIOR DESIGN (KUALA LUMPUR, KL, Malaysia) is willing to find a parallel line for customers to create tranquility, comfort, warmth and dreams. Regardless of residential design or commercial design. Let Sin interior design for you to design your own space and reflect the customer’s life style. 

SIN室内工作室我们注重的室内设计理念 “ 设计您的空间,创造您的生活 ” 目的就是把室内空间能反映出客户的生活态度。SIN室内工作室也重视着室内设计美学的吸引力,功能和质量方面的全面考量。这一直是SIN室内工作室30年来的品牌证明,并且SIN室内工作室也愿意聆听客户的故事,要求,愿景,梦想和态度等等。